We Came, We Saw, We Drank, We Brought Some Back

Imagine taking a trip down to Mexico in the dead of winter. You tour distilleries, meet amazing people, and oh yeah, drink a lot of tequila. For you, that sounds like Spring Break, right? For us, it was a business trip. We love our jobs.

Our destination was Tequila, Mexico. Unlike Atlantis or El Dorado, it’s a real place, just west of Guadalajara. (We promise, go look it up.) We, the owners of BelAir Cantina, our Director of Operations and Events Manager made the trip this year with one goal: bring back outstanding tequila just for you.

Tequila Tasting Trip
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A donkey with two tequila barrels on its back followed us around on the tour. It was nice to know that even if we drank too much, we wouldn’t be the only ones that looked like an ass.

We made our rounds to different distilleries to do some “research”, but the highlight of the trip was Casa Herradura. It’s a 150-acre property that features majestic old horse stables. The horse stables are now a library, and the focus is all on the tequila.We go way back with Herradura, having bought six barrels from them before. Like old friends, they welcomed us and shared a lot of their tequila. Then, they showed us how it’s made.


Long before it lands on the bar shelf, tequila starts as an agave plant.

It’s spiky, heavy, and bitter. And since it’s a plant, it pretty much means that drinking tequila is like eating vegetables, right? Anyway, they pack the agave into giant ovens and get ‘em roasting.

The agave sweats out the super-sweet agave nectar. They add yeast, distil it, and work their magic to finish it off. Next, it’s destined for a warehouse with way more barrels than a donkey can carry.

The warehouse temperature and humidity are closely monitored, and the barrels are rotated to different shelves for consistent evaporation.

It all came down to a final tasting at a round table in a dimly lit room. We were honored to share the table with the Herradura’s Master Distiller, Maria Teresa Lara, the world’s first Maestra Tequilera. Sampling from six different barrels, we talked about flavors, asked questions, and followed our tequila-filled guts. Finally, we pulled the trigger and bought two barrels of Herradura Double Barrel Reposado. It’s aged for 11 months in an old whiskey barrel, and then switched to a brand new oak barrel for one more month. The flavor is one you haven’t experienced before.

But now you can.

Join our BelAir Cantina Agave Congress Bottle Club and you’ll receive your own bottle of this amazing tequila that you can enjoy whenever you visit BelAir Cantina. There are other perks, but just by joining the club, you’ll experience a little bit of our incredible trip to Mexico. We just wish you could experience the tequila donkey, too.

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